Done with Egypt!

Wow. After three months of torturous procrastination, I have successfully written all of the main events of my Egypt journey on this here blog. The lifting of pressure from my lazy-ass skull feels amazing, but I have to confess that this is what being an English teacher abroad does to you; slowly but surely, your grasp of time and outside-world obligations begins to get fuzzy and life becomes an endless cycle of throwing old dry-erase pens in the trash and preparing lessons on the finer points of gerunds. Combined with occasional city trips at the weekend and the demands of having to eat food and shower occasionally (occasionally), these things can relegate blog writing to the farthest back burner that can be found on the Great Stove of Life.

So, congratulations to all of you as well. You who stayed with me and waited diligently for this stuff to come deserve a round of e-applause, if you’re out there, and the future will see faster posting for both of our convenience. More adventures are on the way soon, and these shall come with the distinct flavor of Polish kielbasa sausage…


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